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Grouping of users based on specific traits

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Group of users that share specific traits. AdGyde’s robust dashboard shows the Cohort metrics based on campaign and city filters and grouping by campaign, city, and channel. In which city which campaign has showcased the maximum number of valuable users can be extracted through the Cohort.

Analytics Dashboard

Classification of users who share a similar or common interest. The data of the Cohort is assembled and based on LTV of organic and non-organic users excluding the re-targeting ones. Using this feature would help in gaining the most powerful insights into the user’s behaviour in specialized areas.

With Cohort Analysis, one can compare the data very easily across all the metrics that matter. Hence, it’s all about knowing the ability to track the user’s segment for a specified duration. Therefore, with the help of Cohort, one can easily get a better sense of what’s worth to invest in, yielding the best out of the box results. AdGyde serves the app marketers with an ability to see and compare varied metrics per numerous Cohorts over varied time slots.

Through such analysis, you will be able to see, how different groups of users from different cities respond to different campaigns which you can then group by your preferred channel/partner or by different cities, ultimately giving you the daily user value trend.

Suppose, a user is using a news app say PQR News where there are 3 categories of news like Local, Domestic and Global. If the developer has created the events for these categories then, this would help in analysing how many users are watching Local News and in which cities. Comparing this city wise analysis, it would also help in knowing the overall preference given by the users to the Local News category of PQR news app.

The Cohort is important and beneficial for every app to determine the group of users who share common characteristics in different locations.

Analytics Dashboard

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