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Know every source that originates the new users. AdGyde tells which channel/partner or network drives the users, by tracking and attributing it in real-time. We provide the granular insights of the mobile measurement.

Attribute every app install driven through the marketing campaign and the source that drove it. Aggregating all the data of the campaign like an Impression, Click, Install, Re-Attribution and Deferred Deep Linking. We determine that from which channel/partner or network does the install originate. You will be exactly knowing which ad network delivers which users, how the app is being installed, User Flow, Post-Install Events, etc. Every such feature is shown by AdGyde helping the app marketer in targeting the user segments and to discover the best channel, in turn improving the ROAS.

Also, Mobile Attribution comprises varied advanced technologies like Deep Linking, Real-Time Data Capturing, Fraud Detection, etc. where Fraud Detection guarantees you to pay only for the genuine installs keeping your data accurate and budget secure. Undoubtedly, a strong Attribution would always help you to focus on your mobile measurement for which you need accurate data with superior performance for Retargeting and User Acquisition Campaigns.

Campaign Performance

Analyse the data with an objective to identify the key metrics based on the campaign goals. Key metrics means Impressions, Click, New Users, Deep Linked Users, Deferred Deep Linked Users and Re-attributed installs including source.

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User Acquisition

When new users are acquired, they can either be new or the users who were already acquired by other partners. User Acquisition is the process by which new users are acquired on the mobile app via some market-driven activities.

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Retaining the users who have launched your app. Retention is one of the important metrics that an app marketer needs to consider because it defines the effectiveness and user engagement with an app.

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Uninstall metrics show how many users have uninstalled the app for any of the reasons. AdGyde tells who all users have uninstalled the app including attribution to the originating source and campaign.

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User Flows

The journey of a user depicting inflow and outflow from screens within the app. You can see and calculate the mandatory stats like Impressions, Number of Sessions, inbound and outbound of the screen.

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Deep Linking

Deep Link helps the advertiser to redirect the users to a specific page within the app through its Uni-Link campaign. It has an ability to detect the app presence in the device and thus, get the targeting done.

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Fraud Analysis

The Fraud Traffic trend describes the genuineness of installs that have occurred from different campaigns and different channels. It helps in saving your budget while stopping the mobile ad fraud in real-time.

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