1. How does AdGyde work?
  2. AdGyde provides an easy to integrate client-side SDK, and a web dashboard. After integrating the AdGyde SDK into your Android-App you will be able to view all tracked data (usage reports, campaign performance, retention and visual reports) via our online web panel.

  3. How AdGyde is Integrated with an Application?
  4. For Integration please refer the Documentation present on the AdGyde panel www.adgyde.com/integrate-android-sdk.

  5. What are AdGyde's key features?
  6. Our key features include Campaign-Tracking, Retention, Cohort, Test-APK and In-app analytics. You can get more details in our features section.

  7. What about privacy & security?
  8. We store your data undisclosed and it is fully secured and encrypted with us.

  9. Does AdGyde show results in Real-time?
  10. Yes, the Overview presents results in real-time. Daily New-User per channel, Daily Active-User channel/city/Brand, Sessions, Avg. Session Duration, Organic/In-Organic Installs, Revenue and Retention will appear in the 'Overview' immediately after the session has been completed.

  11. How will AdGyde affect my App's performance?
  12. AdGyde works with no impact on technical performance and user experience.

  13. What is AdGyde's pricing model?
  14. We offer a fully functional free trial and premium paid plans. For further information contact our support team. support@adgyde.com .

  15. Does AdGyde provide Filtering and Grouping Options?
  16. AdGyde features Cohort Analysis which allows filtering and grouping options. You can now filter and group data according to Media Source and Geo location.

  17. Does AdGyde support Campaign tracking?
  18. Yes! AdGyde provides a dynamic tool - Campaign Tracking which allows the App marketers to keep a track of various campaigning through multiple Ad-networks and advertisers. The tool helps the App-marketers to analyze data for new users, returning users, In-app events, revenues and a plethora of metrics optimizing your campaigns.

  19. Partner Integrations and Agency Access
  20. Thank you for your interest in partnering with AdGyde. We look forward to providing your customers with powerful, easy-to-use application performance monitoring. For further information (support-link).