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Campaign Tracking

As per the definition, campaign tracking refers to method to keep track from where the installs are coming. Campaign tracking helps to analyze new users, returning users, In-app events, In-app revenues generated for the Ad networks and publishers.

To track the installs from a specific partner, the partner should be integrated with AdGyde. In case the partner is not added, please contact and we will help your partner to get onboard in no time.

Once the partner is integrated with AdGyde, now you can go ahead and setup the campaign through Dashboard.

Steps to setup campaign
  1. Login to AdGyde Dashboard
  2. Open Setup Page from Left Navigation Menu
  3. Click on Manage Campaigns under Campaign Tracking
  4. Click on 'Create New Campaign' button on Top right Corner
  5. Go to Add Campaign configurations
  6. Selects the Application for which the campaign is required
  7. Search and enters the Channel / Partner Name
  8. Enters the Campaign Name
  9. Select the desired click Attribution Window
  10. Go to Add Channel Configurations
  11. If you wish to associate Cost with Campaign to track your expenditure, then Select Provided by Channel and Pass same
  12. Add extra parameters in tracking link
  13. Go to Setup Events Postback
  14. Select If you wish to send Install Postback for Campaign Normally and in case of Fraud
  15. Select If you wish to send Event Postback for Campaign and in case of Fraud
  16. Configure in-app events which will be sent to the publisher. Enter the publisher event token as event value
  17. Go to Setup DeepLinking
  18. If you wish to open a specific Page in case user clicks on campaign even if Application already present, then "Enable DeepLinking / Deferred DeepLinking"
  19. Select the Scheme, Class Name for Activity and Data to be passed
  20. Create the campaign
  21. The Tracking Link, Impression Link and DeepLink code can be copied from Campaign details shown in next page after creation

How it works
Once the publisher gets the tracking link with the desired parameters, he can use the same to bundle and create its own Campaign URL to give it further to sub-publishers. No Parameter is mandatory but without at least 1 parameter the postback will not be useful. Publisher needs to make sure that the click id is generated at their end and same is passed to AdGyde Tracking URL so that the same can be returned back in postback for exact match.

Tracking URL supports multiple parameters which are listed below
  1.   {clickid} = Click id
  2.   {pub} = Publisher / Sub-Publisher running the campaign
  3.   {cost} = Cost incurred by Advertiser for this campaign
  4.   {sub1} = Custom Parameter 1
  5.   {sub2} = Custom Parameter 2
  6.   {sub3} = Custom Parameter 3
  7.   {sub4} = Custom Parameter 4

When a user clicks on the Publishers URL, Publishers server replaces the Click id and other parameter values in AdGyde URL. AdGyde URL is then hit, AdGyde Server takes note of the details sent and opens the application page in Google Play Store with the provided details. The same details thereafter are passed to AdGyde SDK and returned back to Publisher through postback when required.

AdGyde Tracking URL :{clickid}&cost={Cost}&pub={Publisher}&sub1={sub1}&sub2={sub2}&sub3={sub3}&sub4={sub4}

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