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Integration Process

1. Get the App Key
Sign-in to AdGyde Dashboard, the credentials would have already been provided by AdGyde support team. In case you have not yet received the same, please contact the AdGyde Support Team.

Please follow the given steps :-
Step 1 - Visit the AdGyde Website -
Step 2 - Go to Login
Step 3 - Sign-in with the provided credentials
Step 4 - Go to Setup Page
Step 5 - Select Manage Applications from the Application option on Setup Page
Step 6 - Click on "Create an application" option on Top Right corner
Step 7 - Fill in the Application details
Step 8 - Note down the App Key for integration reference

2. Download iOS Sample App
Please Download AdGyde IOS SDK from below link :-

Download from Here

3. Integrate SDK into project

3.1 Add library files into the project
  1. Unzip AdGyde iOS SDK
  2. Add ADGYDE_SDK.framework file to your iOS project.

3.2 Follow below steps to import .framwork file into your projects
  1. Click on Project module
  2. Goto "General" tab and scroll down to choose "Framwork, Library & Embedded" content section. For using Adgyde SDK you need to add AdGyde.framwork in your project by using drag and drop approach
  3. Alternatively click on "+" icon in "Framwork, Library & Embedded" content section and select AdGyde.Framwork from the path where you downloaded AdGyde.framwork
  4. Need to add below lines of code within info.plist file of your project for network permission



3.3 Initializing AdGyde
iOS SDK needs to be initialized in the application.
  1. Import sdk in AppDelegate.Swift file
  2. In your didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method inside AppDelegate.swift class, initialize the Adgyde SDK by inserting below code

    1. import UIKit
      import Adgyde_SDK

      class AppDelegate: UIResponder, UIApplicationDelegate {
      func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
      //Initialize AdGyde
      Adgyde.config(“Your AppKey”)
      //appkey which generated on Adgyde panel
      return true

4. Sessions
A session is a conversation between mobile application and user. A session starts with application start and it ends after the user has quit the application. AdGyde helps to track the sessions of the application, session duration and time spent by user on application.

Sessions Detailed Integration Process

5. User Flow
'User Flow' allows the Application Developer to gauge the movement of its users through the activities defined in the application. By analyzing the user flow Sankey diagram, the App developer can predict which activity is most popular among its users and where the drop-off rates are high.

User Flow Detailed Integration Process

6. Uninstall Tracking
AdGyde's Uninstall Tracking functionality allows you to track the number of uninstalls for a specified application. Uninstalls is an important index which helps you to track the quality of users and hence the campaign.

Un-Install detailed integration process

7. Events
AdGyde's Event Tracking allows an application owner to track the events triggered by users. What user is doing in the application are generally tracked using the events like - Registration, Add to Cart, Payment initiated, Payment.
AdGyde supports multiple types of events, please follow the below link to integrate events in the application

Events detailed integration process

8. Demography
AdGyde demography data provides details of Age and Gender wise segregation of User, this can be used by Advertiser to target the new users and run their campaigns effectively.

Demography detailed integration process

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