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Monetization compromises of two parts
  1. In-app Revenue
  2. Cost

In-app Revenue
In-app revenue is a type of revenue which is generated by any type of in-app events. The In-app revenue is considered suitable to measure campaign performance.

How to setup In-App Revenue Event

Suppose the App Developer may create a new in-app purchase event on the purchase screen and creates a deep link to the purchase screen. It then starts a campaign. User clicks on the tracking link for the in-app event and makes a purchase. The App Developer may then measure campaign performance and make suitable payments.

The App Developer generally regards in-app revenue as suitable parameter to measure and evaluate the campaign performance.
  1. The App Developer assigns a revenue event and sets value of Diwali Gift to ₹.50 in code
  2. Implement the deep linking functionality in your application
  3. login into AdGyde Dashboard
  4. Create a Campaign for this promotion along with Deep Linking and deferred Deep Linking functionality to take the user directly to Purchase screen
  5. When User has the Application then he is taken to Purchase screen but if user doesn’t have application then the Application is installed and then taken to Purchase screen
  6. In Dashboard we can see the Revenue generated from this campaign

AdGyde also helps the advertiser to setup the cost of each campaign in the panel while creating the campaign. On setting this option, the advertiser can come to know what amount to be pay to each partner as per campaign. Calculation is simple on AdGyde’s side - Multiply the cost with the installs generated from campaign

The comparison between the cost and the revenue generated through single campaign can make it easy to judge the profitability of users acquired through the channel and campaign.

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