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Offline Campaign - Tracking Installs

This section talks about the tracking solutions for following
  1. Pre-embed Campaign
  2. OEM Store/Side-Load Campaign
  3. Online APK campaign

Pre-embed Campaign
In case you wish to get your application Pre-embedded in phones before they are shipped to the market, then you can contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to get the same done.

Note : Installs will be counted only when user open the application for the first time.

AdGyde can track the New Users in this case and show it under the Pre-Embed / Any Channel. Because attribution tools count installs on First open, therefore the count shown will be Activated Pre-embed device count and not All Pre-embedded device count.
To track the New Users under Pre-Embed channel, the Pre-Embed channel needs to be Hardcoded in the application before the APK is shared with the OEM partner.

The process is quite similar to Side Load Campaign therefore follow the steps listed in the next section

OEM Store/Side-Load Campaign
Methods to track Android attribution through Google Play Store and Side-Load is supported by AdGyde.

In case you wish to track the installs through multiple Sources of Side-Load like different OEM App Stores, then the developer needs to either pass GAID in the measurement link or create separate Hardcoded APKs for each source.

To track the campaign in Dashboard the developer needs to Hardcode the Channel and Campaign ID in the application before sharing the APK to the required OEM App Store.

How to hardcode Channel and Campaign ID
  • Pass the following String as parameter in AdGyde.init(this, "Your Appkey", "ChannelName") function
    Where ChannelName = ChannelName$CampaignId
    Example: Loopback$125

Step by Step Offline Campaign Setup

Online APK Campaign
In case you wish to track the installs through APK Campaign, then the developer needs to create separate Links for each source and run the campaigns with GAID.

NOTE : Passing Advertising ID (GAID) is compulsory in this method and Normal standard APK can be used. No hardcoding is required in the APK

Pass the advertising_id parameter in the Campaign Tracking URL
i.e.{Campaign Open Id}&p={Partner Id}&ag_r={RedirectUrl}&advertisingId={AdvertisingId}

Step by Step Offline Campaign Setup

  1. Login to AdGyde Dashboard
  2. Open Setup Page from Left Navigation Menu
  3. Click on Manage Campaigns under Campaign Tracking
  4. Click on 'Create New Campaign' button on Top right Corner
  5. Go to Add Campaign configurations
  6. Selects the Application for which the campaign is required
  7. Search and enters the Channel / Partner Name
  8. Enter the Campaign Name
  9. Enter the Campaign Type as "Offline / APK"
  10. Select the desired click Attribution Window

  11. Go to Add Channel Configurations
  12. If you wish to associate Cost with Campaign to track your expenditure, then Select Provided by Channel and Pass same
  13. For Offline Campaign 2 tracking link Parameters are required - APK URL and Advertising ID
  14. Fill in a dummy URL if APK is not ready, change it later through Edit
  15. Add extra parameters in tracking link

  16. Go to Setup Events Postback
  17. Select If you wish to send Install Postback for Campaign Normally and in case of Fraud
  18. Select If you wish to send Event Postback for Campaign and in case of Fraud
  19. Configure in-app events which will be sent to the publisher. Enter the publisher event token as event value

  20. Create the campaign
  21. The Tracking Link and Impression Link can be copied from Campaign details shown in next page after creation
    Copy the Channel details for both type of Offline Campaigns. Copy the Campaign id details for "OEM Store/Side-Load Campaign"

  22. APK changes for Offline Tracking
    OEM Store/Side-Load Campaign:
    1. Create the string ChannelName using Channel and campaign details copied
    2. Where ChannelName = ChannelName$CampaignId
    3. Pass the following String as parameter in AdGyde.init(this, "Your Appkey", "ChannelName$CampaignId") function
      e.g. AdGyde.init(this, "Your Appkey", "Loopback$125");
    4. Replace the above line in application and create Hardcoded APK

  23. Upload the APK at some location and create a direct downloadable link for the APK. Check by clicking the created link and APK should start downloading directly
  24. Edit the campaign and set the new APK URL in the tracking link parameters section in channel configuration
  25. Copy the tracking link from the campaign details page
  26. The created link is now ready to be shared with your partner for running the campaign.

Offline Campaign Install Test
  1. Please start testing using a fresh device on which the application was never installed before or use a whitelisted device.
  2. Make sure that the application you are installing has the AdGyde SDK integrated
  3. For Offline Hardcoded APK, you can directy install the APK
  4. For Online APK Campaign use the Link with the GAID to insall the APK
  5. Launch the application after install and use for few seconds
  6. AdGyde dashboard should now show the installation conversion under ‘non-organic‘.

Note: The name of the partner / Channel and Campaign Id set in AdGyde.init(this, "app-Key", "channel$campaignid") should be exactly as the name entered during Campaign creation in AdGyde Dashboard.

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